Apple parer

Unidentified maker
Overall: 14 × 18 1/2 × 10 in. (35.6 × 47 × 25.4 cm)
Creation Date
circa 1800 – 1830
Wooden apple parer with two wheels run by leather thong; spring 'kicker' to push off pared apple; U.S. copper cent used as washer.
typed: paper affixed to wooden wheel: " The parer is distinctive as the first/ and only primitive with a kicker to knock/ the apple from the fork, that I have yet seen./ It was apparently fastened to a bench or a table/ by means of a wedge. Note the long slender pin/ of wood, that fastens the large wheel to the/ square end of its shaft and that the face of/ this wheel was slightly hollowed and finished/ after the pin was put in. It might be that/ be that [sic] a triangle or wedge shaped piece of wood/ was fastened to the underside of the table top/ and the machine slid in place over it which/ would prevent it wobbling when in use."
Gift of Charles L. Robinson
Kitchen Artifact ID
Institutional Collection
New-York Historical Society