Butter and Cookie Press
Butter and Cookie Press

Butter and Cookie Press

Type: Food preparation
This object was used to shape or press different designs on butter pats, cakes, cookies and candy. Small discs with different patterns would be inserted in or attached to the bottom of the tube in order to imprint the pattern.
Creation Date
19th century
Date Details
According to 300 Years of Kitchen Collectibles (Franklin 150), a very similar functioning butter press was observed in the American Home Cook Book in 1854. In addition, 300 Years of Kitchen Collectibles (Franklin 206) contains a cookie press that is comparable in utility to a butter press and therefore pressing butter and cookies could be interchangeable. The cookie press, called a "jumble machine" was dated circa 1870's. It is therefore conceivable to state that the butter/cookie press above was also a mid nineteenth century item.
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Institutional Collection
Phillips House Museum