American Cookbook Focusing on Cakes, ca. 1830-ca. 1870

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[Library Title: Recipe book, [ca. 1830-ca. 1839]]

Manuscript Location
Winterthur Library, Joseph Downs Collection of Manuscript and Printed Ephemera
Holding Library Call No.
Doc. 701
Manuscript Cookbooks Survey Database ID#
Place of Origin
United States
Date of Composition
ca. 1830-ca. 1870
This book contains about forty handwritten recipes for cakes, three for breads, and one each for tapioca cream and mince pies. About ten recipes have been laid in, mostly for puddings. There is also a single medical recipe, a cure for dyspepsia. All of the recipes are indexed in a database available at the library. Although most of the recipes in the book were current in the 1830s and even earlier, according with the library's dating of the manuscript, the book's handwritten recipes for tapioca cream and Parker House are of the 1860s or later. 

One recipe is signed Mrs. Priscilla Lane, Hudson, N.Y. The book was made by sewing large folded sheets of paper to marbled paper covers; some of the pages are uncut.