Charles Lewis Newton Account book

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[Library Title: Account Book]

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Mss. Octavo Vols. N
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Place of Origin
United States ➔ Massachusetts
Date of Composition
1818-1839; c. 1850-1860.
This book is written from both the front and the back. Charles Lewis Newton's account book is written from the front. It contains accounts of farm products and work done from 1818 to 1839; a list of Charles Newton's debtors, in which his his brother, Emory Hull Newton (1785-1826), appears repeatedly; the brothers' purchases; and the credits the brothers accumulated through work or barter to settle their debts.

The material written from the back of the book appears to be in a hand other than Charles Newton's and dates from around 1850 to 1860. Included are remedies for various ailments, followed by many culinary recipes for oyster dishes, cakes, puddings, sauces, breads, and "catchup."