• Margaret Whiteside Cookbook, Given to Grandma Moses

Margaret Whiteside Cookbook, Given to Grandma Moses

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[Library Title: Margaret Whiteside Cookbook]

Manuscript Location
Bennington Museum, Regional History Room
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Place of Origin
United States ➔ Vermont ➔ Bennington
Date of Composition
This book was begun by Margaret Proudfoot Whiteside, who wrote on the inside back cover, "This book was bought in 1840 by Margaret Whiteside." The folk painter Anna Mary Robertson Moses, known as "Grandma Moses," worked for the Whitesides as a young girl and was given the book by Mrs. Whiteside before her death. The library record lists Grandma Moses as a creator of the book and states the book's end date as 1961, which is the date of Grandma Moses's death..

Most of the written recipes in the leather bound blank book occur on the first few and last few pages. Most of the middle pages of the book are blank. The book contains many newspaper clippings of household advice and personal care. Some notes are affixed to pages with small pins.