Katherine Hubbell Cookbook and C. L. Root Cookbook
C. L. Root Cookbook inscription

Katherine Hubbell Cookbook and C. L. Root Cookbook

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[Library Title: Katherine Hubbell Cookbooks]

Manuscript Location
Bennington Museum, Regional History Room
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Place of Origin
United States ➔ Vermont ➔ Bennington
Date of Composition
Hubbell cookbook dated 1864, with later clippings, Root Cookbook dated 1859
This collection comprises two cookbooks, both of Bennington, Vermont. One book was written by Katherine Jeanette Hubbell, who dated the book 1864. It contains many handwritten recipes as well as many clippings of recipes and household advice, some of which are much later than the handwritten recipes. The second book was written by Catherine Louisa Blackmer Root, who inscribed the book "C. L. Root" and dated it 1859. It contains various handwritten recipes and some clippings.