Kitchen Crank Toy

Type: Other
OH: 6 3/4" x OL: 4 1/2" x OD: 2 3/4"
Creation Date
1830 – 1870
This simple, one room building has a painted red roof with a round white chimney. The exterior is painted white with two 6-pane windows and one 4-pane round window on each end. There are also grass and trees painted on the sides. The interior is painted dark blue. There are red hanging shelves in the upper left corner that hold three red containers and two unpainted plates. Standing on either side of a round pedestal table is a male and female figure. On the table top are a bowl, plate, urn and lidded pot. Behind the table is a wood fire laid on a large block with a carcass on a spit. A wire crank protrudes out one of the short sides of the building. When it is turned, the spit turns and a blue painted figure pops in and out of the chimney.
The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Gift of Anonymous Donors.
Kitchen Artifact ID
Acc. No. 1971-857
Institutional Collection
Colonial Williamsburg