Apple Parer
Apple Parer

Apple Parer

Type: Food preparation
Creation Date
1875 – 1899
Date Details
This apple parer looks similar to the variations of the early and simple Goodell Company parers as referred to in Spinning Wheels: Collectible Iron, Tin, Copper & Brass (Revi 53-56) and utilized extensively in the late 19th century. In addition, 300 Years of Kitchen Collectibles (Franklin 16) states that the "Little Star" was patented by C. E. Hudson and was apparently a parer, corer, and slicer. No further information could be located regarding the "Little Star" brand. Nevertheless, like other parers of this style (as noted in Revi 53-56), this apple device must have been utilized in the last few years of the 1800's and possibly the early years of the twentieth century.
Little Star - Pat. June 9 1885
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Institutional Collection
Phillips House Museum