Apple Parer
Apple Parer
Apple Parer

Apple Parer

Type: Food preparation
S.S. Hersey
Creation Date
1861 – 1899
Date Details
The patent dates for this particular apple parer are 1861 and 1864. According to the Registry of Maine Toolmakers from the Davistown Museum, it appears that S.S. Hersey of Farmington, Maine patented an apple parer in June of 1861 but it is unknown if he was also its original maker. There is no further information on an 1864 patent date for a similar device. Regardless, it can be assumed that this apple parer was utilized after 1864 in the later years of the 19th century and possibly into the early years of the twentieth.
S.S. Hersey - Pat. June 18, 1861 & August 30, 1864
Kitchen Artifact ID
Institutional Collection
Phillips House Museum