Choyce receits collected out of the book of receits, of the Lady Vere Wilkinson begun to be written by the Right Honble the Lady Anne Carr, Jan. 28 1673/4.

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Folger Shakespeare Library, Manuscripts
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This book of 178 leaves, in two parts, comprises over 200 culinary and medical recipes. The bulk of the first half of the manuscript was written beginning in 1673/4 by Lady Anne Carr, who apparently copied her receipts out of a book compiled by Lady Vere Wilkinson (died 1708). However, there are additions in multiple hands well into the 18th century, the latest dated recipe being "To make Lemon Catchup. Mr. Norris 1770" (part 2, page 121). The book contains many recipes for cakes, biscuits, preserves, sausages, and wines, as well as cures for ailments such as convulsion fits, worms, and colds. It also contains a few household recipes ("To draw the Essence of all sorts of smelling fflowers, without any fire w[hi]ch is the secrett way of The Italians"; part 1, leaf 27), "To Dye Purple" (part 2, page 38), and "To Dye black" (part 2, page 125)). Seventeen pages of religious writings appear at the beginning of part 2. The sources of many recipes are indicated, including "The Countesse of Lincolns way of makeing pancakes, which she used to make for the King & Dutchesse of York" (part 1, leaf 20, recipe number 40).