American cookbook, 1850-1870

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Manuscript Location
University of Iowa Main Library, Special Collections, Szathmary Culinary Archive
Manuscript Cookbooks Survey Database ID#
Place of Origin
United States
Date of Composition
The name Mrs. Sparkman is written in pencil on the inside front cover of this 15-page cookbook. Recipes in the same hand appear throughout the cookbook, interspersed with recipes written by at least two other individuals. The recipes in the first half of the book are of the 1850s or earlier, while the recipes for Caramels, Miss Adams Cake, and Cora's lady cake at the back of the book are of the 1860s or later. Recipes include: Mrs. Adams mince meat, Champagne punch, Black Cake, Ginger Nuts, Spanish Buns, Jumbles, Maccaroons, Plum Pudding, Puff Paste, Pine Apple Punch, Drop Cakes, Tomato Catsup, Tea Drop Cakes or Cup Cakes, Mulled Wine, Terrapins, Peach Mangoes, Pickled Oysters, Grated Cucumbers, Fanny Shatton's [?] recipe for Gingerbread, Cymbals, Elder Blossom wine, Wine dip, puff pudding, egg nogg, To make yeast, Pepper Pot Philadelphia style, Caramels, Miss Adams Cake, Cora's lady cake, Chowder, Annies Yeast.