American Cookbook, 1831-1858

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Manuscript Location
University of Iowa Main Library, Special Collections, Szathmary Culinary Archive
Manuscript Cookbooks Survey Database ID#
Place of Origin
United States
Date of Composition
This 11-page book contains recipes for Wafers, Jumbles, Diet Bread [sponge cake], Wonders [fried cakes], A light Cake baked in cups, Sponge Cake [3 recipes], Pound cake, Dough Cake, Cream Cake, Shrew[s]bury Cake, Clove Cake, Cookies, To boil Ham, Bread Pudding, Rice Pudding, Indian Pudding, Cake [3 recipes for a kind of yeast-raised fruited cake often called "loaf cake"], New years Cookies, Composition Cake, Mollasses Cake, Cake, Indian Cake, Washington Cake, Composition Cake, Rusk, Cream Cake [dropped shortcakes], Hop Beer, and Sasaparilla Syrup. The back of the book contains a log for the years 1838-1851 that lists dates of haying, the harvesting of oats and rye, and the sowing of turnips and buckwheat. There are also some accounts.