Abigail Wellington Townsend cookbook, ca. 1840

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Manuscript Location
University of Iowa Main Library, Special Collections, Szathmary Culinary Archive
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Place of Origin
United States
Date of Composition
This cookbook is written in a small oblong notebook of 99 pages, most of which are blank starting with page 65. The name Abigail Wellington Townsend is written at the bottom of page 1, and most of the book (to page 60) appears to be in her hand. It is a fair surmise that she was writing between 1820 and 1840, for she leavens her cakes with pearl ash, which was the typical "baking soda" of this time. The book includes recipes for: A Loaf Cake; Beckey's cake; Gingerbread to bake in pan's; minced pies; fish sauce; Almond Cake; To stew a calfs head; To make forced meat; butter drops; lemmon creams; whit pot; Flummery; cheese cakes; Lemmon pudding; Orange pudding; Almond Pudding; Yam pudding; potato pudding; Carrot pudding; Marlborough pudding; bamberry cakes; New york minced pies; mackeroons; Carrot Pudding; french Cakes; Wonders; scallop Oysters; Quince Sweetmeats; To dress Tortoise; To make Wigs; Cocoanut pudding; Blamenge; Quince pudding; Orange pudding; Indian pickle; To bake a Cod; Sillabubs; diet cakes; Stew a Lobster; Fricasse of Chicken; Calves foot Jelly; Sunderland Pudding; a trifle; plumb cake; Pickle Walnuts; Cup Cakes; Short Gingerbread; Ginger Cakes; Quick Loaf Cake; Alum Gingerbread; Cider Cake; French Cake; Potatoe pudding; Seed Cakes; to keep Suet the whole year; Rice Bread; Spruce Beer; Wedding Cake; Gingerbread; Cider Cake; Cookies; Roxbury Cake; Molasses Gingerbread; gingerbread; Clergy Man cake; Hudson Cake; Plumb Cake; Washington Cake; Sausages; Indian Cake; beer; Roxbury Cake.