Recipes and Household Hints Contained in a Volume belonging to Ellen Temple Hill Minor
John Barbee Minor (1813-1895)

Recipes and Household Hints Contained in a Volume belonging to Ellen Temple Hill Minor

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[Library Title: Papers of Venable, Minor, Wilson and related families [manuscript] 1822-1980 (bulk 1875-1946).]

Manuscript Location
University of Virginia Library, Special Collections
Holding Library Call No.
MSS 3750-d Box 2
Manuscript Cookbooks Survey Database ID#
Place of Origin
United States ➔ Virginia
Date of Composition
This 50-page collection of recipes was originally contained in a 240-page bound volume, dated 1881, belonging to Ellen Temple Hill Minor (1835-1912). She was the third wife of John Barbee Minor (1813-1895), a prominent jurist and distinguished professor of law at the University of Virginia from 1845 to the time of his death. Mostly compiled between 1860 and 1896, the recipes are written in the same hand and organized by type. They focus on cakes, puddings, and miscellaneous desserts. The recipe collection has been removed from the bound volume by the library and housed with it in Box 2 of the library's collectin of Veneble, Minor, Wilson papers.

Cakes: Sponge Ginger-Bread, Fruit-Cake, [...] Ginger Cakes, Cream Ginger Cake, Champagne Cake, Plain Cake, Sponge Cake, Silver Cake, Cup Cake, Ginger Pound Cake (very good), Drop Cakes, Pound Cake, Elegant Black Fruit Cake (Mrs. Kean), Currant Cake (Mrs. Davis), Sponge Cakes (Mrs. Cabell), Molasses Plum Cake (Mrs. Davis), Quick Fruit Cake (Mrs. L.L. Davis), A Rich Plum Cake (Mrs. G. R. [...]), Excellent Fruit Cake, Almond Cake (Mrs. M. Minor), Plain Cake (Mrs. M. Minor), [Shrewsbury] Cake, Lemon Cheese Cake (Mrs. Lewis Coleman), Pound Cake, White Cake No. 2, White Sponge Cake, White Fruit Cake (Mrs. [G...]), Chocolate Cake (Mrs. J.S. Davis), White Mountain Cake, Lee Cake, Superior Chocolate Cake, [Filling] for Same, Chocolate Cake (Mrs Conway H[...]), Ginger Cake, Sugar Cakes No. 1, Sugar Cakes no. 2, Jelly Cake, Orange Cake, Sally White Cake, Marble Cake, Kentucky Fruit Cake (Mrs. W. [T...]), Mothers Sponge Cake (Mrs. J. [Billins]), Ginger Bread ([Willowby]), Ginger Bread No. 2 (Gale Hill), Scotch Cake (Gale Hill), One Egg Cake (Gale Hill).

Puddings: Good pastry (Gale Hill). Puddings: Sweet-Meat Pudding (Edge Hill), Cottage Pudding (Mrs. Blackfoot), Plum Pudding without eggs (Mrs. Colston), Confederate Pudding, Penny Puddings, Apple Pudding (Mrs. Schile), Blackberry Pudding (Miss Minor), Excellent Rice Pudding (Miss Minor), Stale-Bread Pudding (Miss Minor), Cocoanut Pudding No. 1, Cocoanut Pudding No. 2, Plum pudding, Plum pudding (without eggs) (Mrs. Colston), Cocoanut Pudding No. 3, Bread Pudding, Cheap Pudding Puffs, Delicious Pudding, Suet Pudding, Apple Merengue, [...ler] Pudding No. 1, [] Pudding No. 2, Apple Charlotte (Mrs. L.L. Davis), Lemon Pudding, Apple Pudding No. 2, Baked Apple Dumpling, Cranberry Dumpling ([C...]), Sauce for Same, Apple Stump ([C...]), Plum Pudding (Mrs. Davis), Blackberry Pudding, Cabbage Pudding (Bazar), Cracker Pudding, Bread Pudding.

Miscellaneous Desserts: Baked Custard (Mrs. W. Blackfoot), Chocolate Custard, Sherbert (Mrs. Peyton), Pine-Apple Sherbert (Mrs. E.H.), Orange Sherbert (Mrs. Kean), Lemon Cream No. 1 (Mrs. Kean), [P...], Burnt Custard, Sauce for Cottage Pudding Blanc-Manges & Jellies: Blancmange (Mrs. Holcombe), Jelly (best recipe) (Mrs. Davis), BlancMange no. 2 (my recipe) (Mrs. Colsons), Compote of Apples (Edge Hill), Charlotte (Edge Hill), Cold Sauce.

Savory Dishes: Brunswick Stew (Gale Hill) Croquettes (Gale Hill) Hodge Podge (Gale Hill) Fricasse Eggs (Gale Hill).