Arcana, or, Mysteries in ye theory of physiology and chymistry : being authentick rules, for preparing spagyricall medicaments, for my own observation and satisfaction. Also manyfold rare private receipts, and remedies, prescriptions of T:H: M:D: / collected by ye industry of the transcribr of this manuscript, uxoris ejus S:H:, 1666

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A note appearing on the first page of this 261-page volume suggests that the main text was copied by Sarah Horsington from the papers of her husband, Dr. Thomas Horsington (probably d. 1666). In addition to medical receipts and remedies, the volume contains culinary recipes, the latter in fact predominating in the latter part of the volume. There is an index at the end of the main text as well as passages copied from Robert Boyle (1627-1691), a founder of modern chemistry, and others. A glossary of sorts is written on the front endpapers. The book apparently had several owners or authors. On the last page is written, "Martha Hurst her Book June 1755," and a small folded sheet of paper pasted on the inside front cover refers to another (unknown) writer's 1711 marriage to Mr. Hutton and his death in 1722. An ink sketch of Adam and Eve with the Tree of Knowledge appears on the inside back cover.