Susan Spalding Cookbook

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[Library Title: Cookbook Collection, c. 1770-c. 1890, Volume 5]

Holding Library Call No.
Mss. Octavo Vols. C
Manuscript Cookbooks Survey Database ID#
Place of Origin
United States
Date of Composition
ca. 1830, with a few later additions
The principal author of this 18-page book, Susan Spalding, is identified on the front cover as the widow of Jason Spalding, M.D. The recipes on pages 1 through 10 and on page 13 are in Spalding's hand; these recipes are almost entirely concerned with cakes. Pages 16 through 18 appear also to have been written by Spalding, though in a rushed hand. These pages contain recipes for wine, hams, sausages, and household products. A somewhat later writer has penciled in recipes for cakes and "dispepsia" on pages 11 and 12; a third writer (or possibly Spalding) has written formulas for dyes on page 15.

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