American Receipts, Mostly Cakes

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[Library Title: [manuscript cookbook with baking recipes]]

Manuscript Location
New York University Bobst Library, Fales Special Collections
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Place of Origin
United States
Date of Composition
ca. 1830-1860
This book contains twenty-three recipes, mostly for cakes and gingerbreads. The manuscript's recipe for soft sugar gingerbread (a cakelike gingerbread made without molasses) goes by the unusual title "Dutch Gingerbread." Likewise, the manuscript calls the cake commonly referred to as loaf cake (bread dough enriched with sugar, butter, and egg) by the unusual name "Poor Man's Pound Cake." Also of interest is the recipe for Quince Cordial, which is made in a unique way. Although the book contains a date of 1821, the date is in a different hand from that of the recipes, which are somewhat later.