Anne Layfielde, her Booke of Physicke and Surgery, 1640

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[Library Title: Manuscript recipes : a very interesting MS. volume of medical and household recipes]

Manuscript Location
College of Physicians of Philadelphia, The Historical Medical Library
Holding Library Call No.
10a 214
Manuscript Cookbooks Survey Database ID#
Place of Origin
England ➔ London
Date of Composition
1640-ca. 1740
This 244--page book is inscribed on the back flyleaf: "Anne Layfielde, her Booke of Physicke and Surgery, 1640." However, the book is written in a number of different hands and appears to have been continued for as long as a century beyond the inscription date. In addition to medical recipes, the book contains numerous recipes for cakes, breads, tarts, pickles, preserves, wines, and other foods and drinks.