English Cookbook for Nobility and Servants, 1703-1721

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[Library Title: Cookery, 1703-1721]

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This book contains menus for nearly every day of the year, along with instructions for the placement of the dishes on the table. One page outlines a lavish venison party of at least 41 items, dated 1703. It is noted at the bottom of the page, "This table is call'd an Anibegne [likely "ambigu"] by reason of hot and cold, first, second, and third courses are intermixt w'ch is most noblest way of eating in all public entertainment." The book also contains a menu served on the day King George I came to the Crown, August 21, 1722, which is then corrected to October 20, 1721. There are also details of the servants' meals, the meagerness of which is in striking contrast to the sumptuous fare at their masters' tables. Persons mentioned in the volume include Duke of Chandos, Lady Halifax, Lady Jennins, Lord Berkshire, Lord Ranelagh, and the Bishops of Bangor.