Collection of English Cookery and Medical Recipes, 17th - 19th Century

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[Library Title: Whitney cookery collection, ca. 1400 - 1895 (Vol. 10)]

Manuscript Location
New York Public Library, Schwarzman Building - Manuscripts & Archives Division
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MssCol 3318
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Place of Origin
Date of Composition
ca. 1700 - 1840
The first twenty-six leaves of this folio volume comprise legal records of the years 1641 and 1642. One hundred and sixteen pages of culinary and medical recipes follow. The culinary recipes include soups, puddings, meat and fish dishes, pickles, potted foods, fritters, dessert creams, cakes, gingerbreads, and sweet wines. Among the recipes are calvered (sliced and pickled) salmon, fricassee of sheep's feet, cream fricassee, crawfish pottage, household bread loaves, white gingerbread, and early English burnt cream. All of the six (or more) authors were perceptive cooks who express themselves with clarity and precision.